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A & R Sealcoating, Inc. continually strives to provide high quality customer service by offering the latest in pavement maintenance and preservation in a friendly and professional manner.  We take pride in being a company you can trust to protect your investment today and for years to come.

Pavement Repairs

The key to increasing the life of your driveway or parking lot and maintaining its integrity is regular maintenance.  Repairing pavement failures as they occur will help prevent large, expensive repairs in the future, as well as avoiding dangerous trip hazards and damaging pot holes.  Asphalt repairs are done with hot mix asphalt, and are considered temporary solutions to avoid the expense of resurfacing or replacing your entire driveway or parking lot.  Very minor repairs can be done with cold patch, which can be expected to last a few months to a year.  The two methods of asphalt repair we offer are:


Surface Patching

Surface patching is the easiest way to repair asphalt when the base is sound.  This may also be the preferred option for the "budget minded" when appropriate.  The procedure starts by cleaning and prepping the area of the patch, applying a glue or "tack coat" and finishing with a compacted layer of hot mix asphalt.  Expect the surface of the patch to be slightly higher than the rest of the existing pavement.  Surface patching is reasonably priced, and repairs can be expected to last approximately two to five years.


Remove and Replace

Remove and replace is the best way to repair asphalt when it has become severely deteriorated and the base is defective.  This requires sawcutting for neat, clean edges, and the removal of asphalt.  Once the asphalt is removed, the stone base should be inspected for soundness before the asphalt is replaced.  Hot mix asphalt is installed and compacted.  If sealcoating is added to this type of patch, you can expect the surface to blend nicely with the original asphalt.  This method is usually three times the cost of surface patching, and repairs can be expected to last approximately fifteen years.


Our experienced sales representatives can evaluate your pavement repair needs and give you an honest and cost effective estimate on services such as surface patching, removal and replacement, concrete repairs, asphalt curb, and structure repairs.



Sealcoating is an easy, inexpensive way to maintain your asphalt.  Sealcoat is a liquid product mixed with a coal based latex additive and sand for added traction.  For residential driveways, the sealcoat is brush applied by hand.  For larger projects such as commercial parking lots, the sealcoat is spray applied.  Sealcoating will greatly improve the appearance of your asphalt, giving it a deeper black color and doing away with the dull, grayed appearance caused by oxidation, sunlight, water and the damaging effects of petroleum derivatives such as oil and gas.



Crack Repairs

It's important to fill cracks to keep water out and prevent erosion of the paving base.  Hot rubber crackfilling is the best way to achieve this.  There are two methods of crackfilling:  Overband and Rout & Seal.  The method used depends largely on the size and current state of the asphalt area.


Overband Method

Overband method is the simplest and least expensive way to perform hot rubber crackfilling.  The cracks are blown clean and then filled with hot rubber sealant.  The excess is then leveled off with a 'v' shaped squeegee, leaving rubber a few inches on each side of the crack.  This method is used on all residential driveways, smaller parking lots and when filling previously sealed cracks that have reopened. 


Rout & Seal Method

Rout & seal method is the best way to repair structural cracks in solid asphalt.  Each crack is widened with a mechanical router to a depth and width of 1" to 1.5".  The crack is then blown clean with 90 psi oil free compressed air and then injected with hot rubber sealant.  This method has been proven to give the best results, but only makes economical sense on larger commercial and roadway projects.  This method cannot be performed on previously treated cracks that have reopened.



We offer both new layout and existing layout striping services, including single lines, double lines, handicapped stalls, arrows, letters/numbers, curb painting, bumper blocks, light pole bases and stencils.


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